27 June 2022

Year 3 History Van

On Friday we had a visit from the History Van. We learnt more facts about the Ancient Egyptians. We completed craft activities, performed a dance and re-enacted a battle.


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27 May 2022

Whole School Jubilee Celebrations

This week, we have been baking, drawing, painting, dual coding, dancing, dressing up as something from a different decade, and lots more! 


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26 May 2022

80s dress up day!


We had a great learning about the 80s and dressing up in the fashion of this decade. 

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7 March 2022

World book day


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Last Modified 7 March 2022, 2.21pm


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4 February 2022

Using our imagination!

This week, we have been writing our own version of the book, ‘The Tunnel’. 

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