Mrs Lawrence
17 March 2022

What an exciting looking week! How many of you have been inspired to be scientists? Let me know the next time you see me.

Mrs shoyombo
22 March 2022

Lovely kids. Keep the school flag flying you are all great

Emma Torrence
23 March 2022

Wow this looks amazing year 3! I love your rockets and the mentos and coke experiment. Looks like you had a great time for science week. :-)

Mrs Thornburn
29 March 2022

Wow year 3, what a wonderful science week you had - great learning and great fun! I love that you did some work on the impact humans are having on our environment and our planet too. I know you all care enough to be great citizens of the future and start to try and change some of the things that are happening as a result. Well done!

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