This last week was Science Week for our children and what a busy time they had too.

The week began with a 'wow' assembly looking at different science experiements that we offer in our new After School Science Club.

We also met a scientist - Matt - who works at the University of Cardiff within the field of medical Science research.  Matt is someone very important who works within the area of cancer research and he often uses his findings to help identify the correct type of treatment necessary for each individual patient.  We were inspired by listeing to Matt - especially when we realised he was just like many of us when he was younger - enquisitive!

We designed our own logo for a rocket ship which was entered into a competition.

As part of our week, each year group completed a project called 'Standing on the Shoulders of Giants'.  For Year 6, we looked at the invention of electricty which actually dated back to 600BC.  We then looked further into how wind turbines worked and made some of our own - some more successfully than others!

Finally, our week ended with a rocket day.  This was where a company - Starchaser - came to school bringing a few real rockets with them.  One was huge and we managed to walk around it and look at the different elements and another mini one was lauched from our school field at the end of the day.  We also made our own paper rockets and lauched them off the school playground and oh how they flew...some even landed on the roof!