22 November 2021

Diwali sweets

Look at the delicious traditional Diwali sweets that we made in class. These are called Coconut Ladoo and are made from desiccated coconut and condensed milk. The sweets were super sweet but we enjoyed them as a special treat!

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17 November 2021

Anti Bullying Week!

This week Year 1 attended a special assembly all about antibullying. We watched a story about somebody who was being verbally bullied and thought about what they could do. Our visitors were really impressed with our ideas!

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13 November 2021

Solids, liquids and gases

Year 4 having been learning about how the particles are different in a solid a liquid and a gas.  We used a parachute and balls to see how the particles changed depending on their state.


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17 July 2019

The Lonely Beast

The children have enjoyed our Lonely Beast topic and are busy this week making a garden for him.



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10 July 2019

Adopt a Tiger Certificate

Our Adopt a Tiger certificate has arrived along with a lovely cuddly tiger for our classroom.  The children are going to think up a name for him.  Thank you everyone for helping us to adopt him.

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1 July 2019

Deciduous and evergreen trees.

In science this week we are learning about deciduous and evergreen trees.  We took the children on a walk round the area to see what kind of trees we could see.

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