Year 4 are designing and creating a bag for the fable, Beowulf. As a class, we discussed our understanding of the character and what he might need to carry in his bag. Based on their knowledge, we generated some ideas for a design specification and refined these in order of importance. We used a range of sources to research what products already exist and how they differ.

We then discussed the features and materials they should include, might include and will not include based on their research so that they could identify the essential and desirable features. We sketched and labelled a few designs.

We revisited our design brief and decided on the main properties that would be desirable for the materials and components. As a class, we completed some investigations to test the suitability of a range of materials. Then, the children selected their final design choice and created a detailed, labelled sketch.

In small groups, we practised threading and completed the running stitch and backstitch. We learnt how to sew these stitches and how to strengthen, stiffen and reinforce our stitches.