31 March 2022

During Art, 1 Birch enjoyed looking at the colour wheel and mixing their own colours. We mixed primary colours red, yellow and blue to make secondary colours. We also made some more art work like the artist we have been looking at, Klari Reiss. We added some coloured dye to PVA glue in a petri dish, the glue will dry clear and we will be able to see the wonderful colurs of the dye. 



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Category: Class of 2027

Mrs Thornburn
31 March 2022

Wow 1 Birch - what wonderful art work you created. I can tell you were really concentraying on your colour wheels and enjoying the petri dish work to experiment too. Well done!

Ben's Mum
31 March 2022

I've heard all about this at home! Looks great. I love your paintings

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