Today’s generation makes a positive difference to tomorrow’s world.


To prepare children with the skills, values and attributes needed to succeed and achieve in an unknown future.






Making a PACT to embody the values we promote:

Children will…

  • Develop a growth mindset and the skills and attributes needed to be an effective learner, both independently and as part of a team.
  • Have aspiration and ambition, be inquisitive and compelled to learn, taking ownership of and pride in their work and achievements.

  • Acquire high standards in the basic skills for life: they will be highly competent in Reading, Writing, Oracy, Communication (including through Information Technology) and Mathematics - including economic well-being.
  • Understand their place in the world and society and the part they have to play in the present and future of each, recognising what it takes to contribute positively to their community, society and global citizenship; this includes developing a strong sense of British Values.
  • Journey an individual and personalised path that means achievement for all.
  • Celebrate their individuality and uniqueness, be encouraged to find their voice, develop a strong sense of self, be confident in their autonomy.
  • Be nurtured to thrive, receiving great care and support to overcome any barriers to learning and progress that they may face during their journey through school.

Dowson Academy…

  • Prides itself on a strong TEAM ethos, recognising that collaboration, partnerships and stakeholder contributions all strengthen the standard of education provided to our children: Together Everyone Achieves More.
  • Continuously develops and improves practice, encouraging innovation, risk, reflection and evaluation: we never stand still!
  • Holds high regard for Pupil Voice and leadership.
  • Believes that by providing authentic purpose and audience for their work and following children’s interests, engagement will be genuine and product will be more beautiful.
  • Cares for the whole family, their health and well-being and offer a wealth of support and guidance to parents and carers alongside their children.


Dowson provides a rich and bespoke curriculum which offers a wide variety of opportunities and experiences beyond those included in statutory documents. We support the curriculum with high quality resources and environment.

Our Curriculum is built upon 4 Key ‘Drivers’ which exude the values from our PACT:

1. Learners for Life

2. Basic Skills for Life

3. SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural education)

4. My Place and Part in the World