Poplar's Bug Hunt

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Here are some of the tasty Food Technology recipes for you to try at home!

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Year 4 have been having fun exploring perimeter in different ways in the playground today.

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Forest School with Willow

We were given the opportunity to explore forest school and make dens, climb trees plus cook in the mud kitchen!! We all had lots of fun and didn’t want the session to end.

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Poems by Poplar

Have a read of the poems written by Poplar based on the book Varjak Paw


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World Book Day 2018

4 Willow enjoyed dressing up for world book day. There were lots of really good characters.

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Science Investigators!

Year 4 Willow were investigating melting chocolate and solidifying jelly.

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Science Investigators

Year 4 have been investigating solids, liquids and gases.

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Acting out Varjak Paw

To help write speech sentences Poplar have been acting out a scene from Varjak Paw.

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Alexander’s fantastic writing

Have a read of Alexander’s fantastic piece writing based on the book Varjak Paw.

Sleepily, Varjak woke up.His eyes bolted open. Slowly, Varjak yawned. “It was just a dream” said Varjak. “Everyone knows that Jalal is dead.” Varjak wondered if the next person to appear in his dream was either the…

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Willlow’s Marvelous Medicines

1. “alfie faye lucy”

2. “ashleigh anthony harry c”

3. “cal abigail harrys”

4. “harvey luke elizabeth”

5. “holly grace jolene”

6. “keira jack janey”

7. “kitty mia”

8. “mayesha xavier lucas”

9. “millie joshua connor”

10. “ruby evie…

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Community Christmas Tree Festival

Christmas Tree Festival Community Project

Year 4 were given the challenge of designing a Christmas tree for the Christmas Tree Festival in our local church, Hyde Chapel.  The theme would like to our school motto of Today’s Children, Tomorrow’s World.  The tree had three tiers to link to Dowson…

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